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Intrinsic Instruments

Silence strangles me.

Serendipity strengthens me.

Singing is scrutiny into and of my hapless soul,

Saving my senility for something bigger to swallow;

Saving my serenity: bid for my fast safe return.

Specters in the sky, specters in the night,

Strange and lovely demons plague the air.

The stroke of the majestic midnight,

The servile recruiter of raucous tidings,

Silence strangles me,

Silence sets me free.

Saving eternity,

A saline of the sea,

A solution sprung of sanity.


Musings on a Whim

Question to be alive, and to be free;

But do not question me.

Question to feel the sun, and what your mind calls benevolent,

But do not forget that otherwise you’ll regress.

Question absurdity, question antitheses, question to besiege;

But do not question,

Do not question me

And certainly do not question anything.