Sentiments on Management

Crimson liquid holds a key

Where the pounding comes to seek;

And the pounding of that I speak,

Sure silence— has left you, creep.

Antiques are disdained, but, can

You refrain? And that I wish

You spoke again, would question

All I comprehend.

Your soul has lace, you smile

Made like cake;

And while you begin to redeem,

I’ve finally seen the stakes

You keep and breed. And your quality

That bids haste,

Was never one of mine in the first place.


Futile Fragility

Finally filtered, finally fraught.

Finally purchased, a soul I have bought.

Education redeems and, child, I have seen

The days where the days weren’t so clean to be dreamed.

A stand in the center, a stand of the scene.

Alone and unrobed and unmasked; polluted, it would seem.

The drugs that they give us! The signs that we see!

Enlightenment surely must be fast in our reach.

I dream, find me. Come see, blind me.

The words that I use, the words that you see,

The plans that you dream of but rarely complete,

The land of the masses and information technology,

All leave us incomplete.

To answer a question, to story-tell well,

To be and to think and realistically dwell,

We learn how to learn and to look, listen, smell.