Futile Fragility

Finally filtered, finally fraught.

Finally purchased, a soul I have bought.

Education redeems and, child, I have seen

The days where the days weren’t so clean to be dreamed.

A stand in the center, a stand of the scene.

Alone and unrobed and unmasked; polluted, it would seem.

The drugs that they give us! The signs that we see!

Enlightenment surely must be fast in our reach.

I dream, find me. Come see, blind me.

The words that I use, the words that you see,

The plans that you dream of but rarely complete,

The land of the masses and information technology,

All leave us incomplete.

To answer a question, to story-tell well,

To be and to think and realistically dwell,

We learn how to learn and to look, listen, smell.


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